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An interview by Yarden Katz

Copies of Aspects of the Theory of Syntax at MIT Hayden

On April 9, 2012, I sat with Noam Chomsky to talk about his view of artificial intelligence (AI) and where the field is going. The conversation was inspired in part by Chomsky's criticism of AI at the MIT symposium on Brains, Minds, and Machines, organized by MIT's Intelligence Initiative.

Along the way, we discussed the future of neuroscience and the connections between AI and the biological sciences. The full interview is available at The Atlantic: Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong

Below are some selected video clips and photographs from the interview.

Photography by Graham Gordon Ramsay and videography by Giro Studios.

Selected video clips from the interview

On David Marr's approach to neuroscience and reverse-engineering the mind:

On forgotten methodologies in artificial intelligence

Connectomics and the usefulness of a brain wiring diagram:

Applying Marr's approach to biology

Selected photos from the interview