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Political Concepts (2020)

arXiv (2018)

eLife (2014)

Boston Review (2015)


  • Entrepreneurial Science

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  • Metrics of Inequality: The Concentration of Resources in the U.S. Biomedical Elite

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  • Embodying probabilistic inference in biochemical circuits

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  • Manufacturing an Artificial Intelligence Revolution

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  • Probabilistic adaptation in changing microbial environments

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  • Cheerleading with an agenda: how the press covers science


  • Universities have turned over hundreds of patents to patent trolls

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  • High-fat diet enhances stemness and tumorigenicity of intestinal progenitors

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  • Transformation of the intestinal epithelium by the ​MSI2 RNA-binding protein

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  • Quantitative visualization of alternative exon expression from RNA-seq data

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  • Musashi proteins are post-transcriptional regulators of the epithelial-luminal cell state

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  • Functional and computational analysis of RNA-binding proteins and their roles in cancer

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  • Rapid transcriptional response to physiological neuronal activity in vivo revealed by transcriptome sequencing

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  • Against storytelling of scientific results

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  • Multiplexed activation of endogenous genes by CRISPR-on, an RNA-guided transcriptional activator system

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  • Analysis and design of RNA sequencing experiments for identifying isoform regulation

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  • Who Owns Molecular Biology?

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  • Noam Chomsky on Where Artificial Intelligence Went Wrong

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  • Modeling Semantic Cognition as Logical Dimensionality Reduction

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  • Pellet: A practical OWL-DL reasoner

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  • Belief Base Revision For Expressive Description Logics

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  • Social Network-based Trust in Prioritized Default Logic

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  • Towards a Nonmonotonic Extension to OWL


  • Representing Web Service Policies in OWL-DL


  • Use of Lisp in Semantic Web Applications



Artificial Whiteness

Politics and Ideology in Artificial Intelligence

Yarden Katz

November 2020

Columbia University Press

Artificial Whiteness book cover

Interviews about book:


On Palestine/Israel

On science and technology